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PEEK Plastic Manufacturing

Pexco is an expert manufacturer and processor of polyether ether keytone (PEEK) plastic material.  Pexco manufactures components and extrusions of PEEK primarily for Medical and Defense applications.  

PEEK is a high performance engineering thermoplastic that can withstand extreme temperatures and chemical wear without losing fundamental characteristics of its physical properties.  Pexco manufactures PEEK extrusions and injection molded parts for Medical & Defense market and product applications primarily:




Manufacturing Capabilities

More than just Extrusion

Pexco brings multiple technology divisions and platforms to your market and needs, delivering a full suite of plastic product components and assemblies.

Case Study

Filtering out the competition

In this case study illuminating the Pexco difference,  Pexco was asked by a market leading Filtration company to create a 3" diameter extruded filter housing with a matching injection molded end cap that required extremely tight tolerances for solvent welding.

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